Chris Headlee, Tai Chi Fitness Developer/Instructor, since 1998.
Photo by David M. Frye, WideSky.biz

About Chris Headlee

• 1983 – Initial HFI training & certification (Health/Fitness Instructor)
• 1986 – Certified Smoking Cessation Facilitator (ALA)
• 1991 – Began martial arts training (Karate)
• 1994 – National HFI certification (American College of Sports Medicine)
• 1995 – Started Yang style Taijiquan training with Dr. Gary Yuen in Lincoln
• 1998 – Created Tai Chi Fitness program to modify Taiji and offer workouts to all
• 2017 – Headlee continues to develop and teach all Tai Chi Fitness classes/workouts (no student teachers here.)


25 years ago in the Karate Dojo. Brown Belt Chris Headlee is fifth from the left, front row, adults. To her left is Dai Sempai (#1 Student) Pitts, then Shihan (Teacher of teachers) Roseberry, school founder.


Chris Headlee and Gary Yuen.

Chris Headlee has studied Taijiquan in Lincoln with Master Yuen for over twenty years—with much appreciation.
Photo by David M. Frye, WideSky.biz







My Teacher,
Dr. Gary Yuen

Master Yuen studied Taijiquan in Hawaii with the late Francis Pang. Master Pang and his teacher, Andrew Lum, were students of the Dong (Tung) family, one of the first to bring Taijiquan to the U.S.